Delta Game Update

Delta updates install only what has CHANGED since the last running version on your game. Delta updates are released when only game code has been modified.

** NOTE: Ensure you are already running the matching Full Install version before applying the corresponding Delta Update!

Alien(s) - V2.0R1.2 → v2.2 



Start by downloading the latest available "Delta Update" for your game, using the links found above.

WINDOWS USERS: Right Click on the download link, then select "Save Link As..."

MAC USERS: Control Click on the download link, then select "Download Linked File"


Once the ZIP file is downloaded, insert your USB stick into your computer. (greater than 1GB)

You should see a new "USB DISK" in My Computer (Windows)

or a new Drive on MAC Desktop that looks like this:

Please ensure that the USB stick has been formatted correctly prior to STEP 3.

WIN Format: FAT32



Copy the UPD file you downloaded to the USB stick.


Safely eject your USB stick.:

Right click on USB (D:) and select Eject.

It will now disappear from your "My Computer / This PC"


Power on pinball machine.

wait for it to boot up.

Remove the translite.

Insert the USB stick in one of the USB connectors on top of the screen (which one does not matter) 


Enter Service menu -> Actions -> System update -> Enter.

A new screen will appear.:

Make sure you have the USB connected. And press Enter. (Black button)


Confirm that you have this after update is done. 

And please read this.:


26 June 2021

Changes from version 2.0:

System changes:

- Added Firmware Update function, which works similar to System Update.

- Updated error messages in System Update.

- Implemented more coil strength adjustments.

- Improved recovery when USB connection to the firmware is lost.

- Removed several adjustments not needed on Pinball Brothers hardware.

- Removed invalid switch IDs from showing up in Active Switch Test.

- Increased debounce time on the trough jam opto.

- Reduced time to wait until ball search.

- Allow ball search on physical lock devices.  The hypersleep coil will

  pulse immediately if the lock is empty, or after the 3rd ball search

  if there are balls stored there.

- Improved ball counting logic to handle random switch closures on

  physical lock devices.

- Added "Attract Sounds" adjustment.  Set to NO to disable the new sound

  effects added to the attract mode.  Default is YES.

- Fixed display occasionally not working after powerup.

Game changes:

- Fixed "Disable Xenomorph" adjustment that didn't work in 2.0.

- Fixed several issues with the xenomorph calibration.

- Fixed mystery award so that Add-A-Ball will never be given if no balls

  are in the trough.

- Fixed Flamethrower weapon award.  If a ball saver was already active, then

  it would have no effect.  Now the flamethrower always adds 2 seconds of ball

  save time.

- Fixed scoring issue with Host Awards.

- Fixed ball saver occasionally putting extra balls into play.

- Reduced priority of "Ball Launched" effect at start of ball, that was

  sometimes preventing other important messages from displaying.

- Fixed left ramp sometimes scoring immediately after a ball was released

  from the hypersleep lock.

= Upper loop shot (Vent 3) now scores when only one of the two loop switches

  is sensed, to detect fast moving balls better.

- Fixed several display effects where text/images were not aligned properly.