Issue: Can be on machines produced before 10/12/2021.


On power-on sound is distorted, and normalizes after a few power cycles.

This fix will remove the sound distortion permanent. 

Tools needed.:

Phillips head screwdriver.

Zip-tie cutter.

replacement zip-ties.

Power off machine. And unplug the main power cord.

Set playfield in upright position (service position)

Before start working on the fix, take pictures for reference.

Image show the playfield controller box.

1. Disconnect connectors on the upper part of the Playfield Controller Box.

2. Unscrew 4 Phillips head screws.

3. Lift the “cover” carefully up.

4. Disconnect the green cable "J14 Amplifier Control", follow the cable and disconnect the other end. - keep this cable in your coin box, it might be reconnected in later firmware updates.

Reassemble the Playfield Controller Box - in reverse order and remberer to tie cables down with new zip ties.

If you have and questions about this fix, please contact support with topic #003