About game update 2.2D

this is a early beta test release for a closed group of beta testers. - Support decided to move beta to the public 8/24/2021

Put pbap22d.upd in root folder of a USB stick (formatted as FAT32), if you have an earlier update on the USB stick move that to a backup folder.

1. Power on machine, wait for it to enter attract mode.
2. Enter service mode -> actions -> system update (follow screen instructions)


Block game start, if not all balls are in trough.

Removed deadlock bug in attract mode.

Improved the ball grab, centre magnet. (xeno)

Added more range to coil adjustments.

Blocked cheat scoring on chestburster.

and some other minor bug fix.

By testing this we would like to get feedback on the game. Please send us your reports.

"how-to" send us your audit and debug report.

1. Insert a USB stick (formatted as FAT32) on top of screen.

2. Go to service menu -> reports -> audit report.

3. Go back to reports and select -> debug report.

Remove USB stick from pinball machine and insert to your PC / MAC and attach aduit.txt and pinprog.log

to ticket. Marked with 2.2D BETA

And please add some info about the scenario.

1 Player game or more?

Did this happen during multiball mode (MB), what mode.

Did the machine hang.


A good description on the scenario will help us a loot.

and if you are unsure if this is a bug or not we encourage you to study the unofficial game rules written by the community.

Ruleset Alien