This is a short description on how to swap the Playfield Controller Box.

You will need a best friend to help you.


Torx Bit T20 (link to amazon)

Some zip ties to replace the ones we have to cut, to free the Playfield from cabinet.


Power off machine, set playfield in upright position.

Take a reference picture of your playfield controller box before you disconnect all connectors. (never mind the extra cable I have on top of my controller, this is my prototype controller)

On this picture I cut both zip ties for power and the patch cable and molex connector that goes to the backbox.

Patch cable and molex(14 pin) connector disconnected from controller.

Power cable Molex (6 pin) disconnected from controller.

STEP 2. Position the playfield like this.

Disconnect the HDMI cable and the 3 USB cables from back box. And lay them over the playfield like on image.

when playfield sits like this you can lift the back upwards and slide it forward (Be carefully so you don't scratch the cabinet sides when you do this, and watch for cables not hooking onto something)

Let the playfield rest against the cabinet like this.

STEP 3.  Remove the playfield controller box.

Remove screw (you probably have a Torx T20 here)

(we are only using the hole nearest to the playfield, if you insert it in the lower hole, it will sometime hook onto the skirail inside the cabinet)

Remove both screws marked with orange arrows


insert the swap out playfield controller box, insert all 3 screws a little before you tighten them all the way down, you may wedge the skirail to get the playfield controller box in a good fit.

Reconnect the controller and remember to zip tie all the cables back into position.

If you are in any doubt please contact us here on support!