This a short description on how to change the  mITX board in backbox also called CPU.

Tools you need.:

Torx T20 (for the 4 screws in each corner of the screen box.

Philips screwdriver with magnetic tip.

2 pieces of foam or bubble wrap to protect the screen and the amplifier (later)


Power of machine.

Remove translite.

Disconnect all connectors under the screen box.

Remove 4 screws one in each corner.

STEP 2. Remove screen panel.

Place screen box on a table like this (connectors facing upwards)

remove 3 of the 4 screws securing the screen panel (2 on each side)

When you have 1 screw left, secure the screen by holding it.

After removing the last screw, tilt screen box towards you and the screen panel will open like a book

You should then accomplish this.

You can now lay the screen box down on its back.

STEP 3. Remove SP/DIF module.

Remove 2 screws

(all the screws are the same so you don't need to keep track of what is where and so on)

Disconnect the black connector with 3 green wires.

Pull the SP/DIF module strait up.

if you now see some washers laying around, carefully balanced on top of the hex spacer or sticked to the back of the SP/DIF board (don't worry) we will rearrange this.

For later we will put the washers underneath the hex spacer. like this.

But let's continue removing next part.

STEP 4. Remove amplifier module.

Remove 2 hex spacers and 2 Philip's head screws.

You can now carefully lift it up and slide it backwards into to the void.

and place it on a piece of foam

(this my layout)

STEP 5. Remove the mITX board.

Disconnect the power connector from mITX board.

Disconnect the USB connector (pull straight up)

Disconnect the LVDS connector (pull straight up on the connector, do not pull the wires)

Disconnect the LVDS power connector (this is kind of hard connector, it do have small security taps on each side)

Use a sharp tool to slightly bent the safety, so you are able to disconnect the connector, only pull on the connector itself

Remove 4 Philip's screws

Lift the mITX board from the back and carefully slide it out of the screen box.

Place the "Old" mITX board in the package you received the new one in.

STEP 6. Insert the new mITX board.

Insert the new board at an angle so you are able to align the connectors to the connector plate. Make sure there are no guides are bent and they have a snug fit.

To put the 4 screws back in you may need to push the board a little against the connector plate, and insert screws when the hole is aligned with the stud under neet. (at this point just insert the screws with two - three turns)

finally phus the mITX board against the connector plate and screw it thigh.

Connect the power connector to the mITX board.

Connect the USB connector to the MITX board. (there is no "Click" just make sure it is all the way down, by inspecting it visually)

IF possible zip tie the cables down to the studs for mITX board. (to avoid them to hit the CPU fan)

Connect the LVDS Power connector to the mITX board.

Connect the LVDS signal cable connector to the mITX board. (there is no "Click" inspect it visually that is all the way down.

STEP 7. Insert the amplifier

Slide the amplifier board into the slots in the screen box at an angle.

you should see it like this.

Remember the washers!?

put them onto the hex spacer like this.

Insert hex spacer.

Insert 2 Philip's screws.

STEP 8. Connect the SP/DIF module

Make sure you are aligning both connectors before pressing down.

Insert 2 Philip's screws.

Connect the black SP/DIF connector to the mITX board. The connector has a small mark for indicating pin 1. that has to aligned with marking on mITX board.


STEP 9. Attached the screen panel.

You can now use the LED's strips as a resting place for the screen panel.

Lay the screen panel back into correct position, and keep an eye on the cable's inside, so they don't interrupt with the CPU fan.

Set the screen box in vertical position again and insert the 4 screws.

That should be it, and you now need to reseat the screen box in the backbox. and reconnect.

If there are any dough please contact me!