This a short description on how to check the LEDs in screen box.

Tools you need.:

Torx T20 (for the 4 screws in each corner of the screen box.

Philips screwdriver with magnetic tip.

2 pieces of foam or bubble wrap to protect the playfield when we lay down the screen box onto playfield


Power of machine.

Remove translite.

Disconnect all connectors under the screen box.

Remove 4 screws one in each corner.

STEP 2. Remove screen panel.

Place screen box on a table like this (connectors facing upwards)

remove 3 of the 4 screws securing the screen panel (2 on each side)

When you have 1 screw left, secure the screen by holding it.

After removing the last screw, tilt screen box towards you and the screen panel will open like a book

You should then accomplish this.

You can now lay the screen box down on its back.

STEP 3.  Disconnect screen panel.

Disconnect the LVDS connector (pull straight up on the connector, do not pull the wires)

Disconnect the LVDS power connector (this is kind of hard connector, it do have small security taps on each side)

Use a sharp tool to slightly bent the safety, so you are able to disconnect the connector, only pull on the connector itself.

STEP 4.  Disconnect the power from mITX board.

STEP 5. Set playfield in this position

(you may have to loosen the cable lome to back box)

Make sure the knob on skirail is secured against the front panel like image.

Cover playfield with foam, bubble wrap, or something similar.

Lay the screen box down on the foam, find a good position.

STEP 6. Connect 14 pin Molex connector and RJ45.

EXTRA STEP. Sheck LED connector is connected to serial 1

STEP 7. Power on machine.

After machine have powered on, you may see some LED strips that is not working, try by just gently touch the cables, weegle them a bit and look for changes.

STEP 8. troubleshoot one by one LED strip.

This test can be done with machine power on.

This is very important to take note off! The LED strip have an input and output.

When hole for screws are near the bottom of the PCB, it is in correct position then the input will be on the right!

The cable connected to the controller board is "special" and must not be mixed up with the other cables!

To test one by one LED strip you need to disconnect the fist connector (input) on the first LED strip from the controller board.

You can now use the "special" cable to test each LED strip. TIP! if one is dark it may de the one before that have a bad output!

If you find one bad LED strip you can move it all the way to the end (under the screen)

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