"how-to" inspection and apply an solution if you hear noise from the main power supply.


Torx Bit T20 (link to amazon)

Some zip-ties to replace the ones we have to cut, to free the main power supply box from cabinet.

Safety first! unplug the machine from wall outlet.


Set playfield in upright position. disconnect power cable from Playfield Controller Box.

Follow the power cable and cut zip-tie when you encounter one. (take note or picture of current position) 

Disconnect the main power cable going into the main power supply. (both power cables are loose on picture)


Remove 4 screws from the main power box. 1 screw in each corner.


Inspect the wires for damage. (if they are please contact support)

Insert the zip-tie under all wires and make a loop back over, do not zip it tight, !only what is needed to keep the wires away from the fan.

Make sure you zip-tie the power cable(s) back to position.

If you have any questions please contact support!