It has come to our attention that there is some confusion about what is the right fuse to use.

As the availability of 8A fuses in the US is almost non-existent, we recommend using 10A - But if 8A fuses are installed it is not necessary to replace. (This has been tested on our original machines without unlicensed modifications)

If the Playfield control box is marked with "5 * 20mm, 250V, 5A"  it need replacement to 10A


Symptoms on blown fuse.

Fuse 1:

Whole machine appears dead. (no light, no screen, etc.)

Fuse 2:

Game starts, but ball do not eject from trough to the shooter lane - ball search will also start.

Flippers on right side is not working.

Fuse 3:

Game will power on, but stays stuck on blue message screen with volume value flickering rapidly up and down.

If fuse is OK and no change! You can try to reseat the Molex connector for "Power out to Cabinet"

If you still are having issues getting the game to start, please submit a ticket.