Issue.: On machines produced before 10/12/2021 we found on some machines that the coil lugs on drop target bank coil can short circuit onto the bracket. -  48V from coil can blow some transistors in the Playfield Controller Box. 

Machines before 10/12/2021. Can apply this simple fix to rotate the coil. Solutio was forwarded to us from one of our customer Ann and her husband Mario from Belgium. 

The workaround.: First picture shows how coil is today.

Picture show coil rotaded 180 degrees.

Tools needed.:

  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver.
  • Torx bit T-10.
  • 7mm hexagon socket for removing the drop target bank bracket from playfield.
  • Machines delivered after 27/7/21 can have normal philips head screws.
  • 6mm hexagon socket for the 2 nylon nut on coil stop bracket.
  • 2mm umbraco - to hold the screw in place when removing the two nylon nuts for coil stop bracket.
  • Small flat head screwdriver to remove E-ring on target.

DIY recipe.:

1. Power off machine, disconnect main power cord and set playfield in service position. Locate the underside of the drop target bank on the right side of the playfield. Disconnect the coil connector.

2. And the connector to the black PCB board. (opto board)

3. Start by removing screws in order 1,2,3,4,5 and when removing number 6. please hold the bracket with you other hand. If there is washers on the screws, place remove them, they should not be there!

4. Take the bracket carefully out of the playfield, and lay it down on a table, make sure to protect the table. There are sharp edges on metal. Start removing the 6 screws for the black PBC board, on this version it's normal phillips head screws. - (On earlier version it can be Torx-bit T-10) 

5. After removing the PCB board, we will move onto removing the middle target.

6. Remove the E-ring by inserting the flat tip in the opening in-between the E-ring and the stud. And carefully rotate the screwdriver, it is made of spring steel, so it can bounce off. (do this on both E-rings)

7. After removing the E-rings on both studs, you can carefully remove the plastic target with the spring attached to the target (so you don't have worry about what way the spring is supposed to go)

8. Plase the bracket in this position and hold the blot with the 2mm umbraco and unlosen the coil stop bracket.

9. Coil and coil stop bracket is now loose. Before we can rotate the coil 180 degrees we need to also rotate the coils sleeve 180 degrees.

10. How it should look like after rotation.

11. How coil look like when refitted back to bracket, be careful when you insert the coil sleeve through the coil bracket retainer. Don't use force!

12. Trund the bracket over to the side now and place target back onto the studs (if you are in bouth, you can look at the two other targets on what order the washers, springs and the E-ring is in) The E-rings can be pressed in with only your finger, just make sure the edges of the E-ring enters the growe in the stud before you press it in.

13. Reassemble the PCB board. (the connector is to be on right side, when drop target bank bracket is facing towards you, like on image)

Start by inserting first screws in lower left corner(1), and insert one in right upper corner(2). Do not tighten them down yet! - Align the board up with all the holes, and then tighten them down, after that you can proceed with the rest of the screws. Pressure to be applied is not more then that you can feel it comes to a stop.

14. Finished assembled, you can now test the targets manually to see that rasamebley is ok.

15. When you are done playing with it, we can reinsert it onto the playfield - Hold it like you did when we took it of, and insert one screw in upper left corner(1) - Don't tighten it all the way down, leave 1 or 2 mm (this will make it easier to align the other holes)

16. Insert the rest of your screws, in this case 6 phillips head screws. Don't tighten them down before all screws are back in. That will give you the best options to realigned the bracket as like it was factory assembled, when you have aligned the bracket with the old holes you can tighten down all screws (carfully)


On some early machines the are only 4 -  6mm hex head.

17. Reconnect the coil connector and the connector for PCB that was disconnected in step 1 and 2.

If you are in any doubt please contact support, with topic #001