Issue.: On one machines we have had report about that the pop bumpers dropped down towards playfield.

This can easily be inspected and simply fixed by swappin to longer screws or verify the correct length. This was reported to us from one of our customer Ann and her husband Mario from Belgium.

Correct length is Metric 16mm or Imperial #8-5/8. And if a washer is used, please remove washer.

HOW-TO inspect or change screws.

Tools needed.:

  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver. 
  • 6mm hexagon socket for the Metric screws version.
  • If you don't have the Metric version, but Imperial you can use the Multi-Bit Screwdriver without the bit.

Power off machine, unplug the main power cord.

Set playfield in service position.

Each pop bumper has 4 screws, (one in each corner) 

  1. Start by taking one screw out of each pop bumper and measure the length. Metric 16mm or Imperial #8-5/8.
    If length is correct on the first screw, all screws will probably be correct length.

    if you see a washer - remove them all, and measure the length, if correct length, reinsert screws but without the washer

  2. If you don't have the correct length, please contact support. with topic #004 and we will send you new correct screws.
    Or you can get it from Pinball Life's web site