Delta Game Update

Delta updates install only what has CHANGED since the last running version on your game. Delta updates are released when only game code has been modified.

NOTE: Update will work on any previous updates.

Queen 0.81c ->0.82E



Start by downloading the latest available "Delta Update" for your game

Click here:  GAME_UPDATE

Both WINDOWS and MAC USERS: Click on the download button.

Save to download folder.


It have come to our attention that newer USB sticks don't work, please use old type 2.0 USB sticks

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, insert your USB stick into your computer. (greater than 4GB)

You should see a new "USB DISK" in My Computer (Windows)
We used a 12GB USB stick. 

or a new Drive on MAC Desktop that looks like this:

Please ensure that the USB stick has been formatted correctly prior to STEP 3.

WIN Format: FAT32



Copy the UPD file you downloaded to the USB stick.


Safely eject your USB stick.:

Right click on USB (D:) and select Eject.

It will now disappear from your "My Computer / This PC"


Power on pinball machine.

wait for it to boot up.

Remove the translite.

Insert the USB stick in one of the USB connectors on top of the screen (which one does not matter) 


Enter Service menu -> Actions -> System update -> Enter.

A new screen will appear.:

Make sure you have the USB connected. And press Enter. (Black button)


This update is pretty big, it can takes more than 5minutes.  DO NOT POWER OFF

After update game will reboot and you can verify date and version number is updated to 0.82E

19 Jannuary 2023

Changes since version 0.81C:


  • skip Total Bonus display if player double-flipped
  •  rule for powering up drums
  •  Autograph: flash (instead of solid on) when Collect Autograph ready
  •  Song: fix incorrect default Viewmaster selection.
  •  Starting multiballs now interrupts the active song mode, and instead starts a unique song for the multiball. When the multiball ends (return to single ball play) the previously active song is restarted from the beginning, but the player's progress toward "winning" is remembered.
  •  New End of Ball Bonus A/V experience.
  •  make song_shot_made more visible
  •  Tour: actually award some points when a Tour Pass is collected.
  •  Fix Game Music OFF adjustment not working.
  •  Fix infinite replay loop when replay awards points. Those points are triggering another replay, ad infinitum.
  •  Add start instruction to Ball Device test
  •  Fix bug in recent changes to Power Level Test.
  •  Moves the timing of the pull/hold cycles into the firmware call (which older HW couldn't do).
  •  Changes to support better crash debugging
  •  Reset ALSA master volume on video connect.
  •  Use attract-mode sound level during system reset message
  •  Disable left orbit scoring on weak ramp shot or pop->reverse orbit. This is implemented for single ball play only now.
  •  Prevent bad trough count during trough release cycle
  •  Add apron LEDs to default GI, and make them brighter.
  •  Delay song selection on buttons while Song Bonus/Album award in progress.
  •  Fix initial volume setting; it was not reading from the user setting.
  •  Changed QUEEN song selection to ignore flipper button events when launch ball is running.
  •  Attract mode volume slider does not affect high score entry anymore.
  •  Allow volume control during Sound Test with the flippers.
  •  Fix bug in high score auto-reset logic
  •  Don't push autograph letter status outside of a live game.
  •  Stage Set MB: add jackpot/super jackpot shot indicators
  •  Stage Set MB ready lamp effect uses bright white now. This overrides the default where the rabbit would be orange/blue.
  •  Set rabbit insert color to orange/blue for magic/EB lit.
  •  Don't stop music when volume is 0.
  •  Fix glitches at music start, causing by delayed ducking
  •  Changed music start to update volume before playing.
  •  Add system support for maintaining the 'alternate color' of an LED.
  •  Multiball Music
  •  Implemented new End of Ball Bonus
  •  Added "Combo" overlay to the main Dashboard, near the top of the screen.
  •  Font: slightly tweaked font outline rendering