Delta Game Update

Delta updates install only what has CHANGED since the last running version on your game. Delta updates are released when only game code has been modified.

NOTE: Update will work on any previous updates.

Queen 0.81c ->0.82E -> 0.84D->0.86->0.91->1.0->2.0

Firmware link: Firmware article

Consider performing Actions > Factory Reset after installing this update,

especially if you have any strange issues.  
Be aware that action will reset your settings and high scores.



Start by downloading the latest available "Delta Update" for your game

Click here:  GAME_UPDATE

Both WINDOWS and MAC USERS: Click on the download button.

Save to download folder.


It have come to our attention that newer USB sticks don't work, please use old type 2.0 USB sticks

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, insert your USB stick into your computer. (greater than 4GB)

You should see a new "USB DISK" in My Computer (Windows)
We used a 12GB USB stick. 

or a new Drive on MAC Desktop that looks like this:

Please ensure that the USB stick has been formatted correctly prior to STEP 3.

WIN Format: FAT32



Copy the UPD file you downloaded to the USB stick.


Safely eject your USB stick.:

Right click on USB (D:) and select Eject.

It will now disappear from your "My Computer / This PC"


Power on pinball machine.

wait for it to boot up.

Remove the translite.

Insert the USB stick in one of the USB connectors on top of the screen (which one does not matter) 


Enter Service menu -> Actions -> System update -> Enter.

A new screen will appear.:

Make sure you have the USB connected. And press Enter. (Black button)


This update is pretty big, it can takes more than 5minutes.  DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR GAME

After update game will reboot and you can verify date and version number is updated to 2.0

QUEEN Version 2.0

September 12, 2023


Consider performing Actions > Factory Reset after installing this update,

especially if you experience any strange issues.  Be aware that action will

reset your settings and high scores.

Changes since version 1.0:

- All songs may now be continued when they are interrupted by multiballs or

  by end of turn.  Songs will resume automatically after multiballs end.

  When choosing a song at start of ball or after completing a song, players

  may continue a song they had already started, or select a different one.

- Added icons to the song selection wheel to indicate which songs are

  completed, won, in-progress, etc.

- Various improvements to Bohemian Rhapsody Single mode:

  - Added adjustment Queen > Bohemian Single Mode Allowed to allow or disallow

    Bohemian Rhapsody Single.

  - Song shot values are reduced when the player drains.

  - Avoid sending the ball to the upper playfield when no shots are lit there.

- Added Multiball Champion high score entries for all multiballs.

- Added Multiball Total display effects for all multiballs.

- Extra Balls from collecting Albums, Posters, and Tour Passes are now

  awarded immediately, instead of being collected at the Magic saucer.

- Added adjustment Queen > Red Special MB Minimum Locks, to customize how many

  balls must be locked in Red Special before the player is given the choice

  to start Red Special Multiball.

- Added adjustment Queen > Flippers During Song Select, to allow disabling

  the flippers while choosing which song to play next.

- Improved many display effects.

- Added several new callouts, sound effects, and fanfares.

- Added more on-screen informational tips to help players know what they should

  be shooting for.

- Encouraged the Magic Rabbit to give awards that are more useful for the

  player's current state.

- Fixed an issue that could cause ball tracking to fail if a ball was

  unexpectedly knocked out of a lock.

- Fixed an issue that could prevent the "Live Forever" lamp from showing

  ball saver status.

- System implementation and optimization

- Fixed unbalanced scoring rules in Roadie Multiball.

- Fixed an issue that could cause slingshots not to correctly score or

  generate sound effects.

QUEEN Version 1.0 
June 2, 2023 

Consider performing Actions > Factory Reset after installing this update, especially if you have any strange issues. 
 Be aware that action will reset your settings and high scores

Changes since version 0.91: 

- Added Bohemian Rhapsody mini wizard song rule. 
- Added Bohemian Rhapsody "Challenge", started by holding the right flipper  button when starting a game. 
- New feature adjustment "Songs to Qualify Bohemian". 
- Improvements to sound effects, fanfares, and callouts throughout the game. 
- Improvements to display effects throughout the game. 
- Improvements to lighting effects throughout the game. 
- Improved A/V sync on several songs. 
- Added speech calls in attract mode. 
- Added shaker effects throughout the game. 
- Improved choreography for One Vision Jackpot. 
- Added adjustable ball savers to several game features:  Bohemian Segment Ball Save Time  Ball Lock Ball Save Time 
- Try to divert balls to upper playfield when lit, even if right orbit bottom  switch is not registering. 
- Tweaked scoring of some songs. 
- Tweaked Autograph Hunt scoring to better reward collecting several autographs  at once. 
- Improved warning effects when diverting ball onto upper playfield.  
- New adjustment "Accentuate Upper Flipper" controls whether upper playfield  flipper auto-flips to help inform player where the ball will be emerging.

QUEEN Version 0.91

April 12, 2023

Changes since version 0.86:

  • Tweaked rules to divert the ball to the upper playfield more often
  • Fleshed out the Skill Shot / Super Skill Shot rule -- several skill shots
    are now available, each with different awards.
  • Quick-save balls that drain out the outlanes while ball saver is active.
  • The left orbit shot multiplier now affects the spinner value.
  • Added progressive scoring rule on top lanes when Magic is already lit.
  • Added One Vision Jackpot display effect.
  • No longer light Killer (yellow) shot during Killer Queen once Q-U-E-E-N has been completed.
  • New adjustment: "Allow Random Song Select".  If NO (default), you can't  hold a flipper button on the song selection screen to "whirl" the reel to  a randomly chosen song.
  • Fixed possible garbled characters during high score initial entry during multi-player games.
  • Added audits for Wembley and Red Special multiball progression.
  • Increased range of volume control.
  • Improvements to sound effects and fanfares throughout the game.
  • Improvements to display effects throughout the game.
  • Tweaked the default strengths of several coils.

QUEEN Version 0.86

February 27, 2023 

Changes since version 0.84:

  • Provide more details about awards and game status in rotating displays
     above the player's score.
  •  Fixed bug that could show incorrect score value on display effects.
  •  Improved Autograph score balancing.
  •  Improved Queen Frenzy score balancing.
  •  Zodiac inserts now indicate shot multiplier status of each shot using
      reverse-rainbow colors (VIBGYOR: violet = 2x, red = 8x).
  •  Fixed bug that didn't toggle band member shots during One Vision.
  •  Many improvements to display effects and animations throughout the game.
  •  Song selection UI now shows instruction summary for each song, and also
      retains the scoreboard so you can view player scores before selecting a song.
  •  Many improvements to sound effects and fanfares throughout the game.
  •  Improved top status bar information during stacked multiballs.
  •  Additional lighting effects and general lighting improvement
      throughout the game.
  •  Stop Super Drums when ball drains.
  •  Left outlane skill shot now diverts to immediately come down the left orbit.
  •  Autograph Hunt arrows should now turn off when the hurryup timer expires.
  •  Shoot Again light now flashes faster when the ball saver is almost expired.
  •  Album insert (left VUK) now flashes orange/blue when both Autograph and
      Album are qualified on the shot.
  •  Ensure that the Red Special lock is emptied before allowing a game to start.
  •  Improved handling of balls in the Red Special lock.
  •  Most Audits are now implemented.
  •  Improvements in Audit display.
  •  A false skill shot award should no longer be given while the Piano
    drop targets are resetting.


Andrea DM
PB Support TEAM