Delta Game Update

Delta updates install only what has CHANGED since the last running version on your game. Delta updates are released when only game code has been modified.

NOTE: Update will work on any previous updates.

*STEP 5 has important information 

Alien(s) - V2.0R1.2 → v2.2 → 2.3→ 2.4



Start by downloading the latest available "Delta Update" for your game, using the link at the end of this page.

WINDOWS USERS: Right Click on the download link, then select "Save Link As..."

MAC USERS: Control Click on the download link, then select "Download Linked File"


Once the ZIP file is downloaded, insert your USB stick into your computer. (greater than 1GB)

You should see a new "USB DISK" in My Computer (Windows)

or a new Drive on MAC Desktop that looks like this:

Please ensure that the USB stick has been formatted correctly prior to STEP 3.

WIN Format: FAT32



Copy the UPD file you downloaded to the USB stick.


Safely eject your USB stick.:

Right click on USB (D:) and select Eject.

It will now disappear from your "My Computer / This PC"


Power on pinball machine.

wait for it to boot up.

On this update we prefer you execute the "factory reset" (service mode -> actions -> factory reset)

Remove the translite.

Insert the USB stick in one of the USB connectors on top of the screen (which one does not matter) 


Enter Service menu -> Actions -> System update -> Enter.

A new screen will appear.:

Make sure you have the USB connected. And press Enter. (Black button)


After update date and version number is updated.


14 November 2021

Changes from 2.3:

System Changes

  • Fixed bug where a switch change event from the firmware controller might not be processed until a second switch also changed.

    This fixes occasional ball lockups in.:
    Air Lock Scoop.
    Hypersleep chamber.
    Left eject (Mother)
    Ball trough.
    Shooter lane.

    Other issues spotted before fix.:
    Suddenly stop to xeno tongue calibration, on game start followed by a LED slowdown, to almost a freeze.
    Suddenly stop on xeno tongue during ball grab in game.

    If xeno targets was hitted in the unique randomness of the bug, it would not activate the magnet, before ball hit another switch or passed a inductive switch.

    Confusing revive drains.

    Confusing Ball save.

    Confusing Drop target bank (APC)

    Sometimes in between switch change events there was a short LED freeze (1~10ms)

    LED freeze in long standby in attract mode.

    A big thank you goes to all our early adaptors, who have reported and submitted debug reports so that we could arrange this massive debugging! - Thanks for your faith in us!

Game Changes

  • Added improved lamp effect on Vent 3 when Ambush Super Jackpot is lit.
  • Fixed bug where right outlane Special was lit, but could not be collected.
  • Delay new game start after emptying balls from Hypersleep lock.

Know Bugs in this version:

  • Case - Game started. Ball two in play.:
    If you press start button to add in player two. Game can restart into a new game.
    What you can see is that ball in play when you also are able to select move Alien or Aliens.


3 November 2021

Changes from 2.2:

System Changes

  • Improved communications from game software to IO controller.
  • Improved video monitor occasionally not working after power-up.
  • Reduced coil power for the left eject and trough.  Note: if you previously adjusted the power lower via the "Coil Adjustments" menu, we recommend changing these back to "Normal" (no change).
  • Increase range of coil adjustments from -50% to +50%.
  • Fixed coil adjustments sometimes not working for low-power coils. (compensating for the difference in Europe and US 50hz / 60hz)
  • Fixed the power settings on the up-posts, which should make them pop up more reliably.
  • Starting a new game temporarily disabled while any ball device is in flux.
  • Fix ball devices not emptying correctly after ball was tilted.
  • Allow coin door lighting in free play mode.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the writing of the log file or audits not to work.

Game Changes

  • Debounce on the xenomorph targets has been reduced to start the magnet grab faster.
  • Chestburster Combo (left eject to right magnet lane) can no longer be fooled during multiball, from a ball exiting the pop bumpers at nearly the same time that the left eject fires.
  • Fix ball saver sometimes expiring early.
  • Fix 5000 point display during APC mode.
  • Fixed the extended credits sequence in attract mode cutting off a few seconds early.
  • Fixed Revive callouts happening during tilt.
  • Disable letter blinking in enter initials while paging through the alphabet.
  • Changed the "<" symbol in enter initials to backspace (BACK), to make it more clear that you can make corrections.
  • Fixed some shots scoring during victory laps when they were not lit.
  • Fixed the Sentry Guns ready effect on the left eject.  It would not always appear depending on other game conditions (usually, during skill shot).


26 June 2021

Changes from version 2.0:

System changes:

  • Added Firmware Update function, which works similar to System Update.
  • Updated error messages in System Update.
  • Implemented more coil strength adjustments.
  • Improved recovery when USB connection to the firmware is lost.
  • Removed several adjustments not needed on Pinball Brothers hardware.
  • Removed invalid switch IDs from showing up in Active Switch Test.
  • Increased debounce time on the trough jam opto.
  • Reduced time to wait until ball search.
  • Allow ball search on physical lock devices.  The hypersleep coil will pulse immediately if the lock is empty, or after the 3rd ball search if there are balls stored there.
  • Improved ball counting logic to handle random switch closures on physical lock devices.
  • Added "Attract Sounds" adjustment.  Set to NO to disable the new sound effects added to the attract mode.  Default is YES.
  • Improved display occasionally not working after powerup.

Game changes:

  • Fixed "Disable Xenomorph" adjustment that didn't work in 2.0.
  • Fixed several issues with the xenomorph calibration.
  • Fixed mystery award so that Add-A-Ball will never be given if no balls are in the trough.
  • Fixed Flamethrower weapon award.  If a ball saver was already active, then it would have no effect.  Now the flamethrower always adds 2 seconds of ball save time.
  • Fixed scoring issue with Host Awards.
  • Fixed ball saver occasionally putting extra balls into play.
  • Reduced priority of "Ball Launched" effect at start of ball, that was sometimes preventing other important messages from displaying.
  • Fixed left ramp sometimes scoring immediately after a ball was released from the hypersleep lock.
  • Upper loop shot (Vent 3) now scores when only one of the two loop switches is sensed, to detect fast moving balls better.
  • Fixed several display effects where text/images were not aligned properly.