This a short description on how to inspect and reseat the cables for the Airlock screen. 

Tools needed.:

  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver.
  • Torx Bit T-10 for the 4 screws in each corner of the Airlock screen
  • Torx Bit T-20 for the one screw next to xeno(decal plastic)
  • Phillips Bit #2 for the 3 screws on airlock screen bracket (early production)
    Or 7mm hexagon socket (later production)


Power off machine.

Set playfield in service mode postiotin.

Check the Airlock screen connector. (on Playfield Board 10) - If you are going to inspect connections inside the Airlock screen, you will need to disconnect this connector.


After disconnecting the power to the Airlock screen, set playfield back in normal position.  - And remove Torx (T-20) screw for plastic decal - Keep it safe in your coin box.


Remove the 3 screws on the bracket, behind of the Airlock screen. - This image can deviate from your machine, but can be Torx T-20 or latest version with 7mm nut.

After removing the screws or nuts, carefully lift the whole bracket included the plastic decal. - Power and HDMI cable will now be visible, take a moment to inspect how the cables are laid out (or take a picture)

Disconnect the HDMI from the Airlock screen by pull it straight out. And carefully pull the power cable for the Airlock screen up through the playfield hole. 

Remove the 4 screws on the front of the Airlock screen, make sure there is support for the small LCD screen.


Visually inspect and reseat the power connector.

Visually inspect the HDMI connector.

Visually inspect the LCD ribbon cable to screen panel.

Symptoms of a loose or not perfect fit LCD ribbon cable, can result into screen turn itself OFF after few minutes of playing.

STEP 5. 

Reassemble the Airlock screen. 

make sure the power cable is looped between the two screws(in path of number 8) this will prevent it from been janked out of the connector if the cable is hooked on something.

After assembly reconnect the HDMI connector.

TIP.: Mounting the bracket and plastic decal,  aligning the plastic holes to the holes in the bracket first, that way you will move one piece instead of two and moving the cabling is easier (this is for early version)

Remember to Reconnect the power connector to Playfield Board 10