Delta Game Update

Delta updates install only what has CHANGED since the last running version on your game. Delta updates are released when only game code has been modified.

NOTE: Update will work on any previous updates.

Alien(s) - V2.0R1.2 → v2.2 → 2.3→ 2.4→ 2.5→ 2.6 → 2.7 → 2.8→3.0→3.1→3.2



Start by downloading the latest available "Delta Update" for your game.: file is attached at the bottom of this page.

Both WINDOWS and MAC USERS: Click on the download button.

Save to download folder.


It have come to our attention that newer USB sticks don't work, please use old type 2.0 USB sticks

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, insert your USB stick into your computer. (greater than 1GB)

You should see a new "USB DISK" in My Computer (Windows)

or a new Drive on MAC Desktop that looks like this:

Please ensure that the USB stick has been formatted correctly prior to STEP 3.

WIN Format: FAT32



Copy the UPD file you downloaded to the USB stick.


Safely eject your USB stick.:

Right click on USB (D:) and select Eject.

It will now disappear from your "My Computer / This PC"


Power on pinball machine.

wait for it to boot up.

Remove the translite.

Insert the USB stick in one of the USB connectors on top of the screen (which one does not matter) 


Enter Service menu -> Actions -> System update -> Enter.

A new screen will appear.:

Make sure you have the USB connected. And press Enter. (Black button)


After update game will reboot and you can verify date and version number is updated to 3.2


February 7, 2023

Changes since version 3.1:

- Changed video initialization to address the black screen issue

  on powerup.

- Added error checking to the xenomorph ball grab, so that if it does

  not reach the home position within the expected time, it will try


- Improved communications between game code and firmware when configuring

  the center magnet hold time.

- Fixed bug where the center magnet may not be stopped while the

  tongue is trying to pull the ball into the xenomorph.

- Added back "Magnet Capture Time" adjustment.  Changing this should

  not be required, but added back by request.

- Improved reliability of the firmware update function.

- Added the Ball Device Test.  This allows you to test any ball holding

  device (trough, hypersleep lock, etc.) and be able to pulse the coils

  while seeing the switches at the same time.  Use Up/Down buttons

  to select a ball device; Enter to perform an action (release

  1 ball, lock ball, empty); or Start to change the action.

- Fixed bug when starting Ambush via skill shot, which could cause the

  next Ambush to require many more hits than necessary.

- Fixed the high score auto-reset adjustment when set to OFF.  In some

  cases, it was still resetting the high scores.

- Fixed a ball counting issue with the trough when a ball jam occurred

  at a specific time during a ball release.

- Handled case when adjustment "Replay Award" was set to Extra Ball,

  and "Max Extra Balls" was set to 0.  Individually, each adjustment

  works as advertised, but the combination of the two together would

  cause a restart whenever a replay was achieved.

- Fixed adjusting the replay levels from their defaults.

- Stopped the knocker sound when high score credits are disabled.

- Renamed "System Update" function to "Game Update".

16 December 2022

Changes since version 3.0:

  • Added support for Weapon Target 5 LED.
  • Improved xenomorph tongue extension.  This requires firmware 0.70.
  • Disabled xenomorph sounds from center magnet in test mode.
  • Disabled sounds from flipper buttons in attract, when adjustment
  • Attract Mode Sound is set to NO.
  • Fixed the Total Earnings audit.  Its value was not maintained correctly after using the Clear Audits function.
  • Changed the Timed Plunger adjustment to allow the timeout to be specified, rather than just on/off.
  • Removed the adjustment Magnet Capture Time.  The on time for the center magnet when catching the ball is not adjustable anymore.
  • Fixed error reporting from the System Update and Firmware Update functions. Often, these would report "unknown error 0" if something went wrong. The correct error messages are now displayed.

    For LV owners:
  • Combined with Firmware 0.71, Improved switching shaker off at startup.
  • Enhanced beacon driver.  When firmware 0.70 is detected, a new control method is used that is more efficient.
  • Staged flippers on LV when firmware 0.70 is present.



6 October 2022

Changes since version 2.8:

System Changes:

  • Improved stability of communications with I/O controller board.
  • Fixed some issues in LED initialization that could cause the LEDs to freeze later.
  • Changed trough counting logic to handle magnetized balls better.
  • Tweaked some LED blinking/fading effects to reduce load on the controller.
  • Improved timing on the stepper motor.
  • Added bad switch board detection.  When any board providing switch data reports too many or too few active switches during initialization, that board will be marked bad and all of its switches ignored.  This condition will be reported in test mode, and usually indicates a wiring or fuse problem.  A restart will be required after the problem is corrected.  This mainly addresses the problem with the volume up/down buttons constantly activating.
  • Improved jaw update after communications errors to the controller board.
  • Reset the autolauncher and trough devices, if balls were in the process of being added to play, but the game was then restarted.
  • Fixed crash that could occur if the stepper motor was running while there was a lot of other switch activity.
  • Fixed crash that could occur during periodic log file cleanup.

Game Changes:

  • Chestburster Combo lamp effect now has priority over regular combos.
  • Fixed ball search starting while the ball was in the pop bumpers for a long time.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the magnet grab command required retry due to other tasks running.
  • Fixed a bug when the xeno home switch goes inactive outside of a stepper movement, but never comes back. The stepper could go into an infinite loop trying to find home. This now times out after a few seconds.
  • Fixed the centre magnet grab for Ambush so that it only fires when the final target is initially hit.  Previously, it was re-firing when the same switch was released.


13 August 2022

Changes since version 2.7:

  • Fix a crash that would occur if the connection to the master controller went down while the xenomorph jaw was moving.
  • Fix large audits (e.g. number of left flippers). These were not being counted or displayed properly when the value became too high.
  • Fix a crash when the firmware reported a switch number out of the expected range.
  • Fix crash that could occur when many log messages were being written simultaneously. This has been observed to occur when several multiballs are stacked.
  • Add more timestamps into the log files to help with problem analysis.
  • Fix black bar from sometimes appearing on the screen when going into test mode.
  • Improve communications between the game code and the master controller.
  • Remove code that shuts off the up-posts when either top lane is made. Spurious closures of these switches was causing unexpectedly short post times.
  • Change right up post to fire on either left (inner) loop switch, instead of requiring both of them. This should catch more balls on a fast loop shot.
  • Delay the Ambush start lamp effect slightly to allow more time for the magnet grab command to execute.
  • Fix handling of ball devices when they give up trying to kick out a ball.
  • Credits message now goes away faster when credits are added during a game.
  • Correct center magnet timing one more time.

  • Update 2.6 is archived here if needed: File size is about. 40MB  link: pbap26.upd


Andrea DM
PB Support TEAM