In attach you can find the coil schematics for track down the issue.

How to procede:
- First test is to test another coil in the same position and see if the new coil works correctly ( Pay attention test the same coil C60 with C60 and C70 with C70)
If after connecting a new coil it works is a coil issue or burnt coil, you need to change it.

- If the previous test didn't work out, Check if the connectors of the coil are well placed and if the cables are not cut somewhere.
Use the schematics attached here for check connections ( with a multimeter you can check continuity from the Coil connector to the Controller connector)

** If you are not a repair man or you do not have skills in soldering contact us! **

** If you are a good repairman and you have soldering skills check here: 

- If previous solutions didn't works for your issue and you track down the issue to the controller you have to change these 2 components on your controller:

- these 2 components parts number are: PSMN039-100YS and ES3D

- you have to find the correct columns and change booth like this:

PAY ATTENTION THIS IS AN EXAMPLE, I made this only for show the 2 components I was referring.

- After Changing these 2 components your coil is supposed to work again.

- If you have issue after these procedures feel free to contact us!