In this article you can find how to update your game firmware.

PLEASE NOTE: You must update your game code for make your game works correctly with this FW.

Copy fw_alien_072.uf2 file (file is in the attach) to an USB stick empty.

  1. Power on machine.
  2. Enter service mode - > actions (all the way down)

  3. Firmware update (follow the instructions on screen)

  4. After the firmware update game is going to reboot itself
  5. Remove the USB stick
  6. Power cycle your game

After you power up game enter service menu (one click on the black button) and you are now in the message area. Toggle left or right with the volume buttons, toggle until you see:


If you see "unknown error" message on screen, machine will be unresponsive. this mean it is stuck with bootloader open, do not fear, you can power off and try again, but let us know asap if you get into this error

 If you have this error message: 

Please check if your USB is not corrupted, Change the USB port used, Be sure the file name is correct and the USB is in the correct format.


Andrea DM
PB Support TEAM