Pinball Brothers did a design error on this. All customers that are affected with the "Sticky" weapons target will receive a care package. 

We spotted this late, and the early adopters are mostly the target here. 

How to identify this. They stop working after 10-20 plays, micro switch fall off, and no more click.

And you can visually inspect this with comparing to this image: This is the 1. generation.

This is the 2. generation. (quick fix from factory)

(on top of target, the bracket is longer and will prevent "sticky" targets)

Current situation is that we have 3. generation in production. And only have 2. generation available at the moment. 27/6/2021. ETA of 3. generations is 20 days.

UPDATE.: We have new targets in stock!

Confused!? yes we know this is a big miss!

To get your care package please submit a ticket with your serial number (next to 110/220V power input)

And your complete delivery address and phone number.