We see some reports on strange behavior, when starting game and ball launch.

Some machines were sent out of the factory with wires connected to the wrong output on the switch, which can interfere with the logic of the game.

You can read the current state of the switch in service menu -> test -> active switch.

The test will cycle through all active switches. If you see "76 Start Button" and "77 Launch Bottom" then they are connected incorrectly and you can correct this using the description below

Before you change something, please power off machine. (If the machine is on there is 12V power in the lamp as well. If a wire to the lamp accidentally hits one of the switch sockets, the cabinet card will short circuit)

Try to swap the green wire to the next available pin. (there is two types of zip switches out there so do not compare to my switch)


Power on machine and enter.: service menu -> Test -> Single switch
press volume down and step to 76 Start Button (It should say inactive if connected correct by default) And toggle to active when pressed. do the same with 77 Launch Button.